Lesson 2: The journey of the 16th Battalion


In this lesson, students will use ‘The 16th Battalion’ background information and their own research to identify the places that the 16th Battalion trained, travelled, or were posted to. They will mark the battalion’s journey on an enlarged map.

Broad learning outcomes

  • Students will use comprehension strategies to read and locate applicable information relating to the journey of the 16th Battalion.
  • Students will use a range of resources (atlases, maps and online resources) to locate places in Australia and around the world.


You will need:

  • computers with internet access
  • atlases (optional)
  • access to, or copies of ‘The 16th Battalion’ background information.
  • ‘Journey of the 16th Battalion’ map 1, 2 and/or 3 (these will need to be enlarged to at least A3 size).

Lesson steps

In pairs or small groups, ask students to read the information on ‘The 16th Battalion’ background information sheet. As they read they should pay particular attention to information about where the battalion travelled. Ask students to highlight the names of places as they read them.

(Please note: You should decide what level of detail the students should record about each place as this will determine which map/s you use to display the information. For example, the battalion trained at Blackboy Hill in Perth, so it may be acceptable for students just to record Perth. The level of detail will depend on the age and capabilities of your students.)

After they have finished reading, students should make a chronological list of the places. You may wish to have a class discussion at this point to compare the groups’ lists.

Using an atlas or online map resource, students should find the locations, then mark them on an enlarged copy of one of the ‘Journey of the 16th Battalion’ maps**. Alternately, you may wish to have each group research a selected number of locations and then ask groups to mark these on a class copy of the map.

Once the locations have been marked, students can draw a line connecting each of them to show the journey of the 16th Battalion from start to finish.

** Map 1 will allow students to show all of the locations, but does not allow for a high level of detail, even when it is enlarged. This map is ideal to use if students are just indicating countries.

Maps 2 and 3 can be enlarged and used together to show a higher level of detail (e.g. specific locations within Egypt, France and Australia). These maps can then be displayed alongside each other to form a bigger map (remind students that this will not be to scale).