Lesson 1: Discovering the 16th Battalion


In this lesson, students will research to find out about the 16th Battalion, including who they were and how they were formed.

Broad learning outcomes

  • Students will be able to discuss several facts about the 16th Battalion.
  • Students will reflect on their researching skills by judging the validity of their chosen information sources.


You will need:

  • computers with internet access
  • ‘Discovering the 16th Battalion’ activity sheet.

Lesson steps

Write the word, ‘Battalion’ on the board. As a class, students to brainstorm what they think a battalion is and what one may consist of. Record ideas. Explain to students that a battalion is a large unit of military troops.

Provide students (individually or in pairs) with a copy of the ‘Discovering the 16th Battalion’ activity sheet.

Ask students to read through all the questions and identify anything they are unsure of. Discuss and clarify these as a class before completing the sheet.

Students use the internet and the websites suggested on the ‘Discovering the 16th Battalion’ activity sheet to answer the questions. They should note their source for each answer. Students are welcome to use other sources for their information, but the answers to the questions on the activity sheet will be found on the websites provided.

Once the students have completed the questions, discuss the answers as a class.


  • Have students found conflicting information?
  • Have students used the sites provided or did they use others?
  • What facts or information did the students find the most interesting? Why?

Students to select one or two pieces of interesting information to undertake further research on and create a presentation for the rest of the class. The format of the presentation can be agreed upon by students and the teacher.